Word of the say Kindred

Kindred This is closer than family, we choose these people that have complementary viewpoints and experiences. The family of choice understands the black sheep in us and encourages our development. We all try not to be alone, we want to be around those who get it. Blood can be kindred, kindred is not necessarily blood, […]

Word of the day chic

Chic Dad bod, that’s the new word for out of shape. We blame our kids because we are tired and worn out. For me I know it’s my fault. I’ve eaten poorly, I’ve helped my kids eat poorly, today we are sitting around watching tv instead of going to the park or on a hike. […]

Word of the day Nervous

Nervous A job interview, public speaking, discussing finances with your spouse, meeting your child’s friends. I try to use the energy generated by these anxieties to make it through the encounters. When I get feedback, its usually positive. Most people can’t tell that I’d rather have a lumbar puncture. Nerves can sabotage a great presentation, […]

Word of the day Zest

Zest As a kid, we used bar soap. When it was a good week it was zest, when my folks fought it was some generic scentless brand. My mom claimed allergies to scents when she thought that my dad was cheating, which was often. We all shared the same soap and when I hit puberty […]

Word of the day Yesterday

Yesterday There are always more tomorrows than yesterday’s for the universe. For us mortals we have an expiration date. So our yesterdays at the mid point will begin to outnumber our tomorrows. I’ve seen people try to make tomorrows yesterday more memorable than yesterday’s tomorrow. Little clue for you, both are today. We can learn […]

Word of the day barely

Barely Being able to pack all your belongings in the back if a Geo Metro was a skill I excelled at. It was a badge of pride, and since I was 12 a matter of necessity. There was the winter where we were moving out of the parsonage and into a townhouse. My mother was […]