We begin on another journey

So welcome aboard. I’ll be updating this blog as daily as I can. Life gets in the way and as a father of twins life is full of activity. On fridays I keep a handwritten journal for my kids to open when they hit 18. I started it right before I had a brain procedure, a fistula on my cerebellum. The docs took super glue and killed off some blood vessels. I’ll get into the past 2 years of medical wonders in another post, but just know that it’s taken a toll and I’ve fired just about all my docs. I’m getting massages every month and I’m trying to get time in the gym 3 times a week while running a podcast, co hosting a podcast, slowly putting together a 3rd podcast and writing a novel, painting, being creative. Basically I’m wanting to leave a legacy behind like my adopted parent have left for me. They are not dead, and I dont acknowledge my sperm donor, my birth mother passed xmas 2002. It us important for me to be artistically satisfied and to do that I must put stuff into the world. I’m not looking for financial stability right now, I have t put in the work, but one day I’d like to be appreciated. I know my daughters will appreciate my work, its would be great if that extended past them. We will see, well I won’t, but we can hope. So yes, I’m a father, artist, instigator and traveler. Let’s go and see where this takes us.

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