A day of loss A day of weirdness

So one of my clients lost their battle and no longer walks the earth with us. I just found out via email. The holidays are for me usually a time of loss, hence I try to make it even more special for my kids. I wasn’t close to this client, but when we met we talked a great deal about things he was going through and issues I was having. I found out what happened and keep that to myself. After I got the news I had a number of meetings to attend back to back, they were all client meetings. The first one my client kept asking me if I was okay and I honestly was and still am. He pressed as far as he could until he knew he hit a point where he wasn’t going to get the info.

As for the weirdness, I have another client that us going into a path that requires great customer service skills, he admits he hates people. He is going to take 3 to 6 months off and then pursue his plan, with no funding, no training, no real chance to succeed. I’m seeing him 6 months down the road in jail, on a street corner with a sign or worse. There is nothing I can do to stop the train wreck. I could be wrong and he figured it all out and gets with the plan. I know how it feels not to have a place to call home. But horse+water does not equal thirst quenching.

I’m close to finishing a book of interviews about writers and writing from the Paris review. I should have that done by the time I get to work tomorrow at 0625. My review will be there, it gives great insight and yet I have more questions. Is that what great literature or analysis is about. Stay tuned friends.

My daughters thought it would be good to dance to WarPigs by Black Sabbath, they got bored after awhile. I had older brothers and sisters that played Led Zepplin and I’m a’s ure after the 1000th time I just said fuck it and fell asleep when I was a kid.

It’s an odd day, it’s a day if loss and weirdness. Bring on tomorrow and let’s see where it goes.

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