Dizzy spells

So yesterday I had some dizzy spells as soon as I got home. Haven’t had these since after my brain procedure last year. Had the dizziness this morning when I woke, lisa of balance and nausea. I’m at work, I have 10 client meetings that I’m ready for today. We will push through like we do.

So I actually finished the Paris Review Writers Chapbook interviews with writers. The author/publisher asked these writers the same questions. Lots of different viewpoints over things that I thought were maybe universal, but I may disagree with. I found out that there is less consensus than I thought, which makes me feel great because my viewpoint and experience was validated. I also was introduced to writers I haven’t read yet and reintroduced to writers that were old friends. Seeing them in this context, I haven’t rethought my desire to continue my writings, but I have reconsidered how I will seek out advice on how to improve.

So throughout the say, my dizziness has just struck me at various times for no reason. This is probably due to MS or neurosarcodosis. Since I’ve fired my neurologist because he is pissed that I refuse to do another spinal tap so he can tell me nothing definite, I’ll just soldier on, however, I think I will find another neurologist to take a look at my neck and see if the surgeon screwed up my fusion. My right arm us asleep most of the day which makes it hard to function. My job is mainly typing so that will suck.

Now I am reading a bio of the Marquis deSade At home with De Sade. It’s the usual, excuses for his debauchery because if a poor upbringing. I’m not sure how into the book I am, it’s over 400 pages, I’m on 24. I was reading my last book at 20 pages a day and that was a 390 page book, so this one is going a bit slower due to the dense nature. I’ve taken a break as my train home has stopped due to a water rescue. We haven’t dropped into the water, but someone else has, so all traffic stops until they get out. Folks you can’t make this stuff up.

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