Sometimes too much

So I dropped the DeSade book in favor of reading The Invisible Man. Now I’ve seen it on TV and enjoyed it but I never read it. I did Dracula and Frankenstein last year between surgeries. I’m going into this knowing full well the images are in my head, I’ll be fighting it the entire book, but hey let’s see if I can make new images right.

So today’s title is Sometimes Too Much. I find I frustrate myself by putting too much on my plate and not noticing life happening around me. Like my podcast’s goal is to create more than we consune. I’m putting a lot of work into it, writing, marketing, recording, interviewing, the whole ball of wax, but then i feel drained to the point where i need to create more than I CONSUME. So what do i do, i co host another podcast on podcasting, i am planning on doing an avant garde podcast hence the feature image of a podcast i dropped simply because i was pushing crap out the door. So i am slowing down, I’m going to AC Moore to grab some canvases, I’m hoping for snow th his weekend to shutdown the roads and I’m going to make a shit ton of art. Why not. I love making art, i love talk8 g to people, I’m doing both. Plus writing. Yeah no rest for the wicked. That is the ice with me, i move at a pace that laps others but i dont sit back enough and reflect. I will work on it. Okay i hear you voice on my head.

Intermission break for reading

And back. So Invisible Man us a breeze to go through. My wife and I started last year doing a reading challenge, she said she could do 75, I said 30. She did 135 I did 19. Yeah got my butt beat. But this book us a breeze, plus I read blogs, podcasting articles etc, but I dont get to count that stuff. Argh. Anyhow it is something we can do together and this year we are doing it again, not to compete, but to encourage. I’m doing a lot, partly out of fear that I wont physically be able to do anything, partly to leave a legacy, partly because i have a lot of emptiness to fill.

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