Receipe for Life

So tonight I made cheese, spinach and tomato tortellini for my family. I make sunday meals, it is a family tradition we are starting for our family. We used to do take out meal one night a week but with a teenager and my wife we were doing $100 a week just for 1 meal. We have stopped that and we occasionally will grab a Saturday night takeout, but most nights its mom in the kitchen or leftovers.

Now my wife is a decent cook, I’m not a picky eater so that helps. I just am not a fan of leftovers. On the other hand on a pretty good cook and my leftovers end up being my lunch. So I got to thinking today, since we had a bunch if snow om the ground, why am I a good cook. Well I know how to follow and improv off a receipe. I dont usually create my own dishes from thin air, I used to but since I have a family I want to ensure if I make something they like i can whip it up again. Does that make me a chef, by no means, I dont create receipies, so that got me thinking even more. Am I living my life as a receipe or am I the chef of my life. Do I go with the tried and true paths or break out on my own. For much of my life I’ve been going it alone, and it is a lonely path, but now I’m finding that I’m listening g to others who have had some measure of success and I want to know more. Ive been on a Seth Godin kick for a few weeks and Todd Henry as well, they have been able to monetize their craft, I want to live a true artistic centered life. I’m trying to give myself permission to do that. We will see how it goes. I’m not afraid of failure, I’ve failed and learned from it. I’ll fail again, and keep coming back to the table. I’ve come back to the table for things that I should have left long ago, I’m leaving those things put. I’m trying to be fiscally sound, I e got a ways to go. I’m trying to be a better man, and that is what makes me a good man. I’m glad you are sharing this moment with me. I’ve got a lot to share.

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