Making Trails

So the girls and I have been enjoying a little extra time due to the snowstorm we had the other night. We made our obligatory snowman yesterday and they were pleased with it. 5hey also loved getting sprayed by the snowblower. Two thoughts today.

So today we were playing with the neighbors kids. The girls decided to ditch me and eat snow and throw snowballs. So one of the kids commented on our snowman. I was hurt for the girls because I dont get out much with them. I’m trying to make up for time, however, I’m the only one working right now. I want my girls to be the normal kids, but they are mine. The girls didnt hear what the boy said, I wont repeat it. It is my issue not theirs. I know that they will face much worse stings. Its just a concern I have.

My 2nd thought, we played in the back yard and the snow was pristine, no tracks even animal tracks. We tore it up in 40 minutes, but they had a great time. It was so quiet and serene for 30 seconds. I’m glad they are getting all 4 seasons. I’m glad they are going on their own. I want 5hem to be independent I just want them to come back and cuddle up next to me. Yup I want it all.

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