Juggling Priorities

So the whole burning the candle at both ends, yeah that’s me. I’m not happy unless I’m swamped with work because it makes me feel needed and a priority to someone. Being swamped means lousy planning and follow through. Multitasking means doing multiple things at a lower level. I’ve always been the one who shows how awesome he is by taking care of business in multiple areas. I used to just like music, then add theater, then I had to do poetry, and painting, and candle making and blogging and novels and podcasting. Even in each of these fields I do sub tasks and all u want to really do is have my children be proud of me. My twisted sense of reality reasons that if I do more they will look at my body of work and go wow. What I probably need to focus on is ensuring I’m always present, focus on fewer things and master them vs being a Jack of all trades. Shit I can’t even take a 3 day vacation without making a project out of it.

I’m going to be doing some late night soul searching over this weekend in Chicago. I’ll be among good people to do this with. I’m silently weeping as my girl scare asleep after listening to the Lumineers good night, 8ve got tut o record another episode tonight.

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