Do Something Even If It’s Wrong

So I’ve been dealing with low energy for awhile now. Possibly low testosterone, caused by not regularly working out and not taking care of myself. It is a catch 22 and my normal high energy levels are impacted by fatherhood and a long commute.

Today I finished my intro section for my next podcast season. I have an episode to edit, I have a great deal to record. These will require more editing. I make it difficult on myself because I expect me to get better each episode, but I’m not sure how much better I should expect to get.

I’ve taken down most social media for my podcast, I may get back into it if I properly schedule it.

Prioritize, divide and conquer, ensure what us important remains important. Putting down the cell phone to play with my girls, create with them, inspire them. I need more of that.

If I let apathy and laziness get in the way if creativity then I need to combat it. But if I don’t rest, I’ll burn out quicker. Contemplation is good, but it has to lead to action. Sitting back and letting stuff come to me has never been my forte.

Let’s see what I can do with these contradictions. I’m expecting success. Like I always do.

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