Pushing Through

So my energy is returning. Had some very good tea today from a local mennonite store. They call it a Japanese Organic green tea, I’m calling it positive, non anxiety producing ball of energy. I was pushing and pushing today, and I have enough energy to write this after I put my girls to bed. I’m even looking forward to knocking out dishes after dinner and recording an episode of one of the podcasts I work on Podwrecked.com us where you can find it. My other podcast us KDOI Podcasting at kdoipodcasting.com and I’ll be editing the first full episode of season 3 either tonight or tomorrow.

Sometimes I just need a jump or jolt to get me going for awhile. It’s like I’m feeling the wind from behind right now. Kinda like when I was running downhill as a kid.

And as I post this, my girls woke from bad dreams and wet diapers. We got up, watched the news, ate a bagel, talked about the day. Naturally they delayed when I said it was time to go.

These girls give me energy, I’m still figuring out how to properly expend my energy. I’m tired but happy this morning. That good tired when you know you have fought the good fight. My girls eye me and fight the slumber I crave. They drop and I fight the effects, which empowers them. Thank god they dont drink coffee.

Well this is post slumber, but it was started during preslumber. It counts. Thanks for hanging in there with me. No great wrap up here. Just hold those in your life close and be present for memory making moments.

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