Kindling Friendships

Part of my job is to point people in the right direction for services they need. I’ve developed a relationship with my clients and my service providers.l and they know what u expect and they know what to expect from me. I deliver more than I miss, I’m a human that has been through hell in the past few years with health issues and I’m dealing with some residual affects.

So today at my provider of mirth’s business we talked as I left work early due to the weather. We discussed my podcast project and we got on the topic of friendship. I’ve felt friendly to him, and we are friendly but not friends as we haven’t developed our relationship in the way I’ve cultivated my relationships at work. It is a lack of time issue, he has his life and I have mine. I did mention that I would like to develop our friendship and am including him in my podcast project and have invites him for dinner when I cook poutine. I hope he takes me up on it.

Due to my commute and family life it is tough to kindle a friendship and since most if the people I have been friends with live in the midwest it’s tough to rekindle those friendships. The balance of having a rewarding career and living far away from the office makes me wonder if the tradeoff is worth the trouble. I make decent money, nothing to write home about, overall I enjoy what I do, but I realize that it is not sustainable. Do I grab a new degree, take time away from things I enjoy doing and try to make a jump in 5 years, do I stay put and see how long this journey goes, or do I jump ship now and throw caution out the window.

I want it all, I want the friendships, I want the comfort of being financially stable in a comfortable (not extravagant) home. I’ve bought into this rat race that I’ve fought for 30 years. I’m only 5 years into thus race, and it looks to last at least 25. Staggering. How will I land on my feet this time. Stay tuned.

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