Fire in the belly

I didnt mean to tonight, but it happened. I’m getting the hunger back without the personal turmoil that usually feeds my art. Let me tell you a story, so about 1.5 months ago I took down all my certs, awards and training documents in my office. I put up a few pieces of my art, all 4 if my poetry books, tea, muscle milk protein shakes and a book click. Various people have noticed and that my friends leads me to today.

Talking with a client he noticed and commented on a pencil drawing and my latest book of poetry. I told him in passing about my podcast and he asked if I could show him how to do it. That energized me tremendously, then I headed home, exhausted. I put my girls to bed, I have tomorrow if so tonight would have been a good one to catch up on sleep but no, flipping through the channels, yes MTV was playing music. Scene break.

So usually I can put on some Coletrain and get the fire smolderingvat least. Nope tonight Mumford and Sons, Ghostpoet, and a band from Senegal Cheikh Lo and George Clintin and Parliament Funkadelic came on. This was on Later with Jools Holland which always puts on a pretty good show. The episode before had Duran Duran and PIL. Both if those bands looked bloated and aging badly. But the music I heard tonight made me think, how can I push forth. What us next to do, should I specialize or stay a jack of all trades. I’ve never subscribed to being a specialist. Could be my downfall, but then being all over us how I feel and Express myself.

Let me get back to the client fir a minute. We sat in my office and I showed him how to do the pencil drawing, I hope he works on it this weekend and brings it back to me next week. That is how I gauge my ability to teach, keeping it simple, when we take one pill at a time, when we go down the simple path (please dont think simple is easy) we profess, maybe not noticable to anyone else, but day by day we push onward like a child growing into an adult.

I feel good, I’ve been quiet in my soul for about 4 years, I need my soul to scream a bit. I think its ready. Care to join me on this journey.

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