Taking on All Comers

Today was banging from the get go and it still is running hard and fast. Some mondays let you slip in nicely after a busy weekend. Not this Monday. I skipped out on Friday so I knew a little backlog would be there, but damn, people can’t figure out shit on their own.

Before I go full bitch mode, one of my clients tried to get in touch and get me hockey tickets to what turned out to be a great game with awesome seats. My work does go noticed by those who count in my book.

Yes let’s rest on that thought and let it sink in for a few moments.

Good. I’ve got to acknowledge the positivity and influence I have in other people’s lives. If I didnt do my job I the way I do, with great compassion and zeal, then it would be more difficult with me fighting everyone and burning out.

I started a practice, not every morning, but the majority of mornings. I get up, pause and ask the universe to allow me to be a positive impact and to allow me to see the positivity around me. I’m not keeping track of how often it works, but putting my mind in that mode to start with helps.

On my way to my car after my train ride, a guy was heading the same direction. We both forgot where exactly we parked our cars. It was frosty and I started up my car and stood outside vaping while he scraped the thin layer of ice. He approached me after I muttered under my breath dumbass because he kept cutting me off on the way to our cars. I was ready for a verbal fight, but instead he asked me how I liked my Fiat. We struck up a brief but nice conversation about the history if the car.

I work because I need to pay bills. I’d like to work solely because I believe in the mission. I don’t because I see how what we do sometimes harms our clients and reinforces learned helplessness. One day I may be my own boss, I just need to find the all consuming passion of being my own boss. I’m not sure I can handle managing me.

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