Earning our Mistakes

So mistakes, errors, whoopsies, mulligans. It’s a sign of maturity when we can admit them and seek to rectify the injury. At the end is redemption and rehabilitation. I have committed more than my fair share and I have been on the other side of a mistake. Right now we are seeing some serious errors in judgement by our elected leaders. The path towards redemption and rehabilitation is murky at best because all too often we get the non apology of “if I offended anyone …” The person obviously has been made aware of who or whom they gave offended. Just stop being a dick.

Now onto how to earn our mistakes. Do something, be bold even if it is wrong. Timidity never changed the world. Action makes things happen. Yes temper your actions with forethought but make a plan to do something by a certain day and then do it. Too often I’ve seen and heard friends say one day, guess what buttercup one day never comes. If you wait for inspiration to hit, enjoy the wait, create something, even if it is ugly, out your best in it that day, you can always fix it tomorrow. Besides the mistake may lead you down a path that makes whatever you create better.

Look at this dwelling, is it perfect, nope, will you duck into it if you are caught out in the rain or snowstorm, yep, it will probably save your life. Make the mistake, go at it with a good heart, sincerely apologize and make whatever was wrong right.

I teach my daughters how to apologize like this

1. Identify what you did wrong

2. Say you are sorry

3 tell them how you will do better

4 make it right if you can and if they want you too

This isn’t rocket science, I got this off a kids show and it works.

Try it out, you bold readers.

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