The Blissfullness of Ignorance

So I blew through another day at the office. Last night I had a question asked that I’ve heard many times, how do you find the time, energy, strength, inspiration etc to do what you do.

I think my secret is I dont know when to stop. That sometimes causes me to collapse and take a day off.

I’ve also fired all my doctors that have been diagnosing me for the past 5 years only to feel worse.

I still have days I’d rather not get up. There is more I need to do, like actually get going on my exercise plan, I’m eating better and doing massage and next week chiropractic services. I just think that the medical system we have is not equipped to deal with the complexities that we impose on it.

We want to sit around like on Wall-E and still have the god like bodies of Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt. I know they aren’t together.

I’m going to invest my time and energy like I haven’t before, I’ve been ignorant to long.

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