How to stay on top of the game. Figuring out which game you are playing. Understanding the rules and then staying a few steps ahead while everyone else us thinking the same.

It’s the old searching for the fountain of youth. Our vessels are the screens glued to our eyes or hips. You may be participating in it right now. I’m not. I’m happy to have you read and comment if you like, but my self worth doesn’t depend on it.

I’m wondering if the time I take to take a class is worth what it will take away from my time with my family, art, hobbies. Yeah I want to know it all, but that is impossible. I’m not even sure what more there is to write in this post. I mean I’ve written my whole life, I’m just hoping I haven’t written it all away.

I want to be the expert not the jack of all trades. Arghhhhhhj, this is rough.

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