So I wanted to do this blog on a daily basis and reflect on events or observations of the day. I’m not giving excuses I’m just usually exhausted at the end of the day.

Since being in Virginia I’ve out on 50 lbs, my job gas been sedentary and its hard after the commute to hit the gym, hence the weight gain and medical issues.

Even staying compliant with the dr’s medication, I’d skip out on a few doses.

So yes the title us discipline and I lacked it, and in some ways I still do. It affects my children because as every attentive parent knows kids watch and imitate what they see.

This year will be 2 tears away from nicotine and cigarettes. I’m proud of that, it shows me I can do good things for my body and life. I’ve made a commitment to 1 deep tissue massage a month and a trip to the chiropractor to get back until alignment. I meet with my therapist 1 time a month and rey to work in my mental stare daily by opening myself up to positively and being positive or reminding myself to attempt to be positive.

I’m getting my life back in order. I’m trying to be the author of my own life. Things are coming into place. Thank you for letting me share this with you. I’d love to hear how you are disciplining your life.

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