The Complexity of Simplicity

Hello dear reader,

Decisions decisions. I want to do more but I don’t have the time to do everything. I’m trying to leave a legacy behind, but am I missing out on the present in order to accomplish the impossible.

I think the fear lies with the fleeting nature of the muse. Before the kids and wife I did as I pleased as I’m sure most of us do. Did I accomplish enough, is this just midlife crisis bull shit.

I know I want to simplify my life, it just seems to have gotten so unraveled and in order to straighten things out, I need to go through a series of complicated and costly steps and to top it all off I have to work hard to stay informed, inspired and independent.

This whole simplicity is to get my mind in a peaceful state. I just need to crank on the record player, drop some John Coltrane and watch some psychedelic videos.

Any recommendations would be welcomed, drop a comment, let me know that I should just shut it because I’m squandering the golden ticket I’ve been handed.

I’ll do better friends on the consistency of this blog.

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