Privilege Ain’t Rights

Just when you think about chucking all your work, retiring to your cave, living a “simpler” life, you hear something or read something or are reminded of why you are here in the first place.

That’s been happening to me lately. I get wrapped up in projects and I volunteer to get in more, saying no is tough. I’m learning.

So I’ve been talking with people around me and I think we may be suffering from compassion fatigue. We have some clients that have literally nothing else to do but try to make other people miserable, or they have just decided to lay back and be malingerers. It takes a great deal of energy to combat that attitude and the constant onslaught of negative emotion. They have the privilege of the best medical care available, not the right because our laws do not currently grant that as a right. The pursuit of happiness does not mean a healthy pursuit.

So let’s look at other privileges, I’m a caucasian I don’t apologize for that, I know in our society currently, doors are opened to me that aren’t open to other people. I work every day to open opportunity to others, it is my job. My coworkers are female, African and Latino, I know that I have a better chance to skate by and still be presented with opportunities that will not surface for them. I make it a point to work hard and take on the harder clients because I’ve trained my coworkers and the so-called SME subject matter expert, whom I’m constantly reminding that he is not a supervisor. I work hard because I want my team to lead, not in metrics but in results. My SME gets ahead by cooking the books, I get ahead by being true with people. After 4.5 years I still have people write back from across the world to tell me thanks and check in with me. I know privilege, I know my responsibility and I’ll open up the doors for those who work as hard as me.

Let’s talk about education, college is a privilege, not a right. I’d like everyone to get a degree, but what does that do, lowers the uniqueness of the degree. I’d rather have everyone learn skills that enhance their opportunities to survive and thrive in our current marketplace. Now do I have an MFA, yup and due to that degree I’m sure it opened doors, but my degree is in theater and I couldn’t get a job teaching theater so I use the skills of survival and made a new career path that relies on luck and tenacity. Will my girls get degrees, I’m wanting them to be problem solvers, idea people so maybe not a degree in the traditional sense.

Thank you for giving me the privilege to be read, I hope I have given something of worth. I’m not asking for sympathy, I’m just relaying what I see, trying to be daily in this.

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