Looking for Energy

There was a time I worked two full-time jobs. At night I stocked shelves at K-mart and by day I was a media researcher combing through newspapers and local magazines for clients. I don’t know how I made it through. The trailer I was living in was always breaking down, thankfully we were renting so they had to fix it. I rented a car for the month so that’s how we got back and forth. I picked up a truck one night but that thing broke down something fierce and I got rid of it to some dopey kid who was trying like me to get out of dodge.

There is a whole book of stories for that period of my life. Now I’m overweight and overtired. I need to find that pill or powder that doesn’t screw with my head that kicks my butt and gets me moving. I feel like I’m treading water, that’s no good for a Sagittarius. We like forward progression.

Yes, I have an unused gym membership. Yes, I have apps to track, I also have a 45-minute commute and twins. I’m not setting the best example. I need to pull deep and do better. I need to see a light at the end of this tunnel so I know I’m making progress.

Dear reader how do you make it work. I’m not starting from 0, I’m about a mile behind the starting line it feels some days. I can’t even fake the feeling.

Deep breath, deep breath. Poetry month is coming up. I’ll be pushing out many posts. I’ll be pushing out a lot of podcast episodes. I’ll find the energy in this trash heap. It doesn’t get easier. I don’t know why I thought it wood.

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