Return To Enjoyment

Dusting off my fire tablet, I looked for some free books to read. I had just finished the latest issue of The Paris Review which someone complained about the amount of poetry in their pages. Today another issue came in the mail. I have finished 4 books this year, the goal is 20. I’m feeling good because my eyesight last year was really bad especially towards the end of the year. It was difficult to read books, magazines, and comic books. It was difficult to read to my girls, that cannot stand.

I got a new prescription for my glasses a few weeks ago, my close up reading is much improved. I’m using Grammarly to ensure that I’m getting everything on the screen to look correct. In 2 weeks 22K words written here, text, emails. 22 thousand words, do I write a lot.

Next month is Poetry Month. I’m going to attempt 30 poems in 30 days. You will see a new post daily in these pages if there is some promise of good poetry I may publish my 5th book of poetry. It is a great exercise and I’ve done it before while in the midst of a great deal of upheaval in my life. I turned in my 3rd book of poetry and had my good friend Heather Moon edit and create art inspired by the poems. We will see what happens this year. I’m thinking may turn into another book and a season of episodes for a podcast.

I truly think I suffer from the seasonal affective disorder, it gets hard to pull myself out each year. Not impossible but my mood turns very sour and morose. I’m on the upswing now, of course, a polar vortex is headed our way. I know this bout started after Halloween and before Thanksgiving and that is because I had to remove someone permanently from my life. He that shall never be named, he that should have never been released onto this rock.

I’m looking at my girls now with wonder as they eat, sleep, explore. It is with them I place my hope, faith, and dreams.

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