Contemplating Posterity

Lately, the thoughts revolve on what is to come vs what to do now to change the outcome.

I’m aware of how my body feels now, and I’m taking steps to im0rove my overall physical well being. I look at Facebook and get reminders of all the surgeries and appointments and the frustration of not getting better. I’ve been without Dr care for almost 5 months and yes I have aches and pains, I get my massage and chiro and therapist once a month. It is my monthly oil change and maint check.

I never thought about the distant future until I had kids. I don’t want to be a burden, I don’t want them sacrificing for my care. I’m investing in the future now for the later payoff. I’m better, just a little bit better each day. I can live with my aches and pains, I can work on getting less of those.

I’m planning my artistic legacy and making that a priority. I need to work my network and get into something that feeds my soul better as this current job drains and the ROI is not justifiable.

I’m at some peace for the first time in 5 years, who knew all I had to do was remove the Drs and the medical world and id be better off. Kids need to eat dirt to build up immunity, adults need not attempt to try and live for forever. I am striving to live well.

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