Back into the Fire

I’ve done this contemplation game before, do I jump ship just in time or stay the course. I’ve been at my current position for 4.5 years, looking at 5, with an opportunity to go back to the company I left. The management at both places is usually suspect. If I take the job I know it will not be for a long time. What I gain is not worth what I’m giving up. A small pay raise for about a 30 to 45 extension of my commute. One of the reasons I left was due to the commute time and the instability of the managerial staff. There is no significant change leading me back, the change is the current position. The SME that I trained is a poor manager and supervisor. I’m not sure when the next opportunity will arise and the new job is in a different department. I need to decide by tonight if I will pursue. I think I already know the answer.

Now here is where we turn the post around in a new direction. So I’d like to think this decision would be easier with a mentor on hand. Problem is it takes time to develop that relationship. Time is never on my side with all the projects and activities for the kids. Basically, I have to go without sleep in order to develop something where I live. Another problem, the people here are transplants, we all have the travel light mindset. I’m going to pass this time, and be wiser and better able for the next opportunity. I don’t have to take the next job. I’m talented to see far enough down the road.

Thank you dear reader, please share your struggle or thoughts.

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