Finding Silence

I offer up to you Holst, The Planets.

This work, for me, was a pivotal moment in my high school education. I was a tuba player in orchestra and was trying to come out of the shadow of my brother who is 4 years older than me.

I heard this piece as we listened to something before we were given the music to play. Wow, Jupiter spoke to me like TS Elliot The Hollow Men spoke to me. This happened in the same year. It wasn’t until years later that I learned about the history behind the piece in a music appreciation course. The whole piece was moving and kept me enraptured for decades. Yes, I’m that old.

So a few months ago our local university Mary Washington advertised they would be doing selections from The Planets and George Takei would be participating. Scheduling conflicts happened, it was pushed back, but I grabbed tickets, 20 bucks a head. The night finally came and we took the girls to the concert, getting them ready weeks before in preparation.

Now I need to go back a minute and tell you that after the girls were born I played John Coltrane My Favorite Things while they were in the hospital. Nothing miraculous happened, but it was something that needed, in my mind, needed to be done.

Again going back a touch, we played Jupiter at our wedding. Thereby strengthening the bond. It will be played at my funeral.

So the girls attended the concert. Not a miraculous event, in fact, they were restless through most of the program. When Saturn came in, C really sat back and absorbed the music, G took in Mercury. I was hushed at Jupiter by C, which I felt the orchestra took to tentatively, yes it was the last piece of the night, but for me, it is the most passionate. Overall they enjoyed the concert. Levar Burton was great with the commentary. The visuals kept the girl’s attention. I cried a touch knowing that I’m coming closer to the end of this journey every time I hear this piece.

Good night friends. Take a listen, give a like, share with a friend.

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