Write A Poem

Okay folks, here we go. This poems prompt is to write a poem telling how to or how not to do something. You get two for the price of one. These are rough right now, feel free to comment, I am more brutal on myself than you could ever be.

Write A Poem

1 April 2019

Open your senses

Taste the color orange

Feel the way a newborn baby emits a peaceful scent

before the first black tar poop

Listen to the metallic tinged blood on your tongue fresh from losing a bar room brawl

Look at the sound waves as they blast into your body

from early mornings full thrust

at the end of a runway somewhere in Texas

Once you can alter and forget which sense rules which organ

then begin to be silent – don’t write a word –

remember the most minute detail –  learn a new language that is unrecognizable  read all the myths of every race, creed and tribe

Then and only then write your first word –  don’t title it, don’t publish it ever, burn the page, be ashamed, heft the writing utensil used to create this abomination into the deepest reaches of obscurity and into unknown dimensions

Do not even begin to fathom what a poet is much less what a writer of poetry can become as the two are not one

You will be misunderstood until you attain supreme and total knowledge.

You will be vilified as a libertine

Your words will be altered to suit someone else’s commercial tastes

You will never know the lives you touched generations later when your name is mispronounced

So, you up for doing this multiple times a day

You ready to put the work in, are you ready to write a poem

if you don’t know, if you have to ask

you aren’t

so don’t


1 April 2019

Don’t believe the hype

You aren’t the babysitter

LISTEN- are you close enough

to hear the blood pumping through

their veins

the screams in dreams before they awake

and scream your name which is


if not then you aren’t close enough

Do you obsess over the small shit

and not the big picture

rule 1 everyone goes to be alive

rule 2 everyone wakes up the next day

rinse repeat until you don’t get up the next day

When playing ball, the number one draft pick is your child

if you are blessed with twins you get two 1st round draft picks otherwise you don’t play

If you pissed off god, then you got triplets or more, I got no more to say

I’ts a DAMN shame I gotta say this

but it took me 46 years to shout it at you


Do not physically beat your little ones

Connect with them

don’t be their friend, be the wisest man they ever meet.

When you show them all the tricks to life, you can then die a happy man

Be the one they go to first

Be the one they respect

Be Human



Don’t wait for them to call

don’t be afraid to show your weakness

Don’t be afraid of your kids

Don’t make them afraid of you

Help them make good choices

Help them help themselves

Help them not need you, but let them want to come to you

Don’t be the photo negative

learn to paint, draw, color, create

Create with them the picture you want them to experience

Don’t listen to me

I’m screwing parts of this up right now

praying for their understanding one day

if I get there I’ll be mildly successful

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