Day 3 of 30 poems in 30 days. Today’s prompt write something that involves a story or action that unfolds over an appreciable length of time. Perhaps, as you do, you can focus on imagery, or sound, or emotional content (or all three!)


3 April 2019

first week

After three days and going through every peak and valley of emotion

we exited the hospital with two new lives

carrying them like live IED’s

my hyper situational awareness took charge

PTS was in overdrive

We got home, scared that one or both of you would detonate

we had no idea what to do with you

you didn’t give us any clues

So we all just stared at each other, waiting for the other to make a move

A knock at the door shattered the standoff

I charged at the door expecting the meat salesmen that had plagued our neighborhood, selling old horse meat from the back of a van

Obviously, they didn’t see any soliciting sign that I mentally put on the door, so the door flew open and my fists were rippling

No, it was the maintenance crew, responding to our call a week ago

to fix a broken closet door

My wife, fresh from emptying her womb, touched my shoulder

instantly I relaxed as she showed the crew to the closet and explained her crazed husband.

first walk

We had taken about a thousand pictures and videos

You have lived your life in front of the cameras

and it will be available for your review anytime

You both worked feverishly to make this event happen

many missteps and failures until one of you started to toter

swinging your legs wide in huge arcs

Ambling with each thrust of your leg

the other baby taking notes mentally on what worked

I was at work when this happened

the video pinged on my phone

and I howled with joy in the middle of a meeting

I have been asked to leave my phone at my desk


Babbles and bubbles

Spit and stuck out tongues

You both have your own way to talk with each other

We will never get a translation

and by now I am sure you have forgotten

It was an arms race

Mama or Papa

You both pushed and probed

understanding and comprehension

the connections were happening

as you created your own understanding


In a week we start planning

for the chasm that will arise

you will be attending school

and my sorrow will build upon itself

Have I prepared you enough

how mean are kids these days

how stupid are the teachers with lower than minimum wage pay

You both fit in the crook of my arm

and took baths in the kitchen sink

now you each take up a tub

clothes fit for a season

and trying to carry both simultaneously

is a rare treat for you and an evening of agony for me

Some days I wish for your silence

and then you say how much you love me

Go forward

one day you may look back

and watch me following you

I still move forward pushing you on

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