Choosing Sides

Today, we’d like to challenge you to write your own sad poem, but one that, like Teicher’s, achieves sadness through simplicity. Playing with the sonnet form may help you – its very compactness can compel you to be straightforward, using plain, small words.

Choosing Sides

They dangled car keys and a trip

to sway your decision

You chose them

believing the hype

We all stood in a line ready to play

and I expected to be picked first

so I started to walk forward when you spoke

and the one who was picked pulled me back into line

From a distance everything seemed fine

We partied when I visited

Only to find your lover

came in fifths and pints

I felt betrayed I couldn’t reason

I saw right through what was happening

The money flowed quick

that was the salt being rubbed in deep

Shrugging off your rebuff

I was sure to be picked next

and when it came down to the final four

at least I wasn’t last, you said

Being easily replaced by a liquid

Being self deceived as I blew another smoke

This disease embraced me before

and now I was about to embrace it forever

Watching you mature from a distance

Seeing their impact and negligence

But letting you learn a lesson

is not the way of a man of action

Rationalizing to myself, its only a game

When the pastors kid pulled a knife

and I am a bad guy for reading Nietzsche  in church

You would rather hang out with with holier children

When you switched from hard to soft

the bottles clanged with every turn

opening the trunk I couldn’t see the spare

Opps we are pregnant dear

Reports came in, the grass over there

was getting browner and browner

we held fast, stayed above the fray

we took a thousand arrows

When I surpassed you like I was told to do

fulfilling the American dream

you celebrated my graduation

by bringing a coke fiend homeless bum

We sat in separate rooms

and heard the same news

then we sat together

trying to understand our love

They gave you a date

to piss or get off the pot

we may be the benefactors of your decision

and you can make a life for yourself

You lived five blocks away

yet your shame of me kept you

in her mansion and she never

wanted to be a stepmother

Our roads began – together but apart

We committed to working together

and bring our blessings

everything we were denied

We sit on our hands

we watch what we say

I don’t want us to get hurt again

It is your decision we must live with

You are Dead to me

I killed you –  in my memories

My life no longer includes you

Keep breathing somewhere else you fiend

The rockiness is fading into the mist

We think in terms of us

Progress is what other see

It is the love we sought at our feet

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