False Choices


Today, write a poem that emphasizes the power of “if,” of the woulds and coulds and shoulds of the world.

False Choices

6 April 2019

There could have been a flight

that took off 19 May 2013

There could have been a car wreck

that ended a life on the back roads from Dulles

Someone in Chicago who needed to know

wouldn’t have been notified

as they were not next of kin

The victim in the wreck

deleted his name and burned all the letters

in the airport lot

He would have tried to call

months later

Feeling like he dodged a bullet

She chalked it up to her theory all men are assholes

even the ones who showed hope

her best chance to escape

He got a new apartment

torched all his bed bug infested personal effects

She had taken one of his credit cards

stopped at the nearest convenience store

loaded up her car not noticing the spongy bakes

He started over – never satisfied

crying alone every night

Empty in this Gotham of despair

She didn’t want to begin to feel

so she numbed herself up so much

when the front end crumpled – she didn’t know enough to die

He never found out what happened

and couldn’t explain why his emptiness doubled in size

every mid June

When the next world took her

She didn’t have long to wait

They can only stare into each others eyes

Never to touch

Never to fly

When I have this feverish dream

I hold my loves just a little tighter

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