Attention To Detail


Day 8
Today, I’d like to challenge you to think about the argot of a particular job or profession,and see how you can incorporate it into a metaphor that governs or drives your poem. This rather astonishing list of professional slang terms might help you get into the mood. Or, if you work a white-collar job, perhaps you can take inspiration from one of the business jargon phrases that seem to predominate in corporate environments (leveraging dive)

Attention To Detail

(Airman trying to survive in the Army)

8 April 2019

Begging for originality in an ocean of olive drab

The gate keepers next to me are also

mired in the muck that holds fast

its hard to tell whose life I am charged to save

and whose life I just save because it presents itself

Give me something to measure

not your bullet points or canned responses

Breaking them out of the simpleton mode

I act a fool, I crack jokes, I strive to be their everyman

they trust the everyman,  they understand the everyman

I’ve become fluent in their language

the outcomes they want to see, the numbers they feel show success

I make them believe that red is green, flipping colors has never been so easy

We put guns in the fight

we are tracking everything you say, good copy

But you are all afraid to say

I heard but didn’t listen,

my ears felt the vibrations of your lips

but my brain fails to comprehend

We deluge ourselves with emails

hoping this shows we are doing something

and we sign them V/R which means Very Respectively

Can I buy a vowel

No one understands the alphabet soup

we spurt to make others feel less connected

Hell we don’t understand ourselves

We have done more with less

but the more we have done

is rice paper thin

Can we just drop the pretense of

comparing cock sizes, average is less than five inches

Can we just sit quietly

let others speak without having prepackaged solutions

Can we listen and be

without all that

“Be all that you can be” bullshit

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