Loath to Loathe You



Day 14

Hello reader, just a side note here, I’ll be putting these poems on my podcast in May and discussing my journey. The podcast is KDOI Podcasting click on the link, there is 3 seasons worth of art, discussion, interviews projects and more.

Today, we’d like to challenge you to write a poem that incorporates homophones, homographs, and homonyms, or otherwise makes productive use of English’s ridiculously complex spelling rules and opportunities for mis-hearings and mis-readings

Loath to Loathe You

April 14 2019

Ranting on and on about the -fiend-

Does nothing for my metallic mentality

Giving the gift of my attention

is how I’ve locked up my true self in detention

I want this viper to vanish in a vapor

thereby avoiding pouring out my entire soul

for others to wipe the soles of their shoes upon

I’d rather be walking down a street in Paris

or on the Metro to Montparnese

listening to the street musicians play “Changes” as I bow politely

and empty the change from my pockets

The energy I’ve spent despising you

all the years have not been worth

the torture so I’m calling a cloture

for what you have wrought

For So long I never thought I had a choice

For so long I always fought my inner voice

I am wiping you away,

swiping left and left and left again

until my face appears

the old visage disappears

and I swipe right for the first time in my life tonight

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