Day 22

Hello reader, just a side note here, I’ll be putting these poems on my podcast in May and discussing my journey. The podcast is KDOI Podcasting click on the link, there are 3 seasons worth of art, discussion, interviews projects and more.

Today, I’d like to challenge you to write a poem that engages with another art form – it might be about a friend of yours who paints or sculpts, your high school struggles with learning to play the French horn, or a wonderful painting, film, or piece of music you’ve experienced – anything is in bounds here, so long as it uses the poem to express something about another form of art.


22 April 2019

We sat with notebooks ready

pens dripping ink onto college rule lined pages that was ready to accept our thoughts

The needle dropped

Teenagers all of us, maturity all over the scales

we all were written off as country bumpkins

as our school sat in the midst of corn fields

Once the needle caught its groove we learned our fate

this would be the song that would take us to the State Championship

our redneck orchestra led by an outcast who turned his back on the classical world

The notes flew out of that industrial box, muffled mono was all it could muster, adjusting EQ would be a luxury we would not be afforded

this player had never party to such a production and this music was testing its limits

The notes flew at us with a vengeance that only we could match

Teenage emotional fury was the perfect concoction for this experiment

our eyes bulged our pens flashing after the first crash that reminded us why we were here today, document out feelings

I was unable to write

Tears from a foreign  land welled up in my throat

and flowed from my eyes

The idea that we would recreate this event was ridiculous

Flourishes from the strings and woodwinds resonated throughout the walls

Magic was revealed and we eagerly lapped up the secrets

We were forgiven our sins and the sins our fathers perpetrated upon us

All of us would point back to this day as the point where we made a decision

A decision to no longer let others define us

It was our time to navigate the path

Upon recovery, the needle slipped out of the platter

Our oracle asked us to reveal what we had uncovered

and once my name was called, the sobs had not subsided

he remarked this is the way our audience should react

In two months we were to master this monster

The Planets Jupiter Bringer of Jolity was our daily consumption, our nightly dreams, our bread of sustenance and our wine of communion.

There was no question at the contest as to the victor

it was just a matter of who would be worthy enough to stand on the stage with us

Decades passed, this event has been a touch stone

Being fortunate enough to accept the gift that the universe bestowed upon me

My daughters were afforded a unique opportunity to witness this music live with videos of the planets whisking by

My song was the last on the list to be played,

there was no way to know how my children would react

they found their own planets that resonated within their souls, one is a bringer of war , the other a magician

As my song ended the evening, tears, weeping and as only a child can do, the gentle touch on my cheek, a kiss upon my forehead

the patting on my head

Dont be sad Papa

My dears, Papa is beyond happy and these tears are for you to keep, I don’t need them anymore

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