In the 40th year


Day 27
Instead, I’d like to challenge you to “remix” a Shakespearean sonnet. Here’s all of Shakespeare’s sonnets. You can pick a line you like and use it as the genesis for a new poem. Or make a “word bank” out of a sonnet, and try to build a new poem using the same words (or mostly the same words) as are in the poem. Or you could try to write a new poem that expresses the same idea as one of Shakespeare’s sonnets, like “hey baby, this poem will make you immortal” (Sonnet XVIII) or “I’m really bad at saying I love you but maybe if I look at you adoringly, you’ll understand what I mean” (Sonnet XXIII).

Picked Sonnet #2

In The 40th Year

27 April 2019


It was nearing the end of my 40th year

I left bachelorhood ad the city of wind

My job had to change my car was packed tight

Three lonely trips over a weekend of labor

That is when the back snapped

Into the ER a few days before

our celebration of being betrothed

and a fistful of drugs, gallons of wine and anxiety

preparing for the future

My Young face fell into stupor



It was nearing the end of my 40th year

the party had ended not in joyful tears

the friends and family flew back to their homes

wondering if I’d return to them whole

my vocation had been put on pause

an unpaid vacation with nothing to do

the lust knew no ending and continued a fornight

the week before we were to fly 

to the land of lights

most people would have accepted

the news with delight

My young face fell into stupor

It was near the end of my 40th year

and the trip was mellowed for my newly pregnant bride

another month or so had passed

and not one, but two new lives

were in our grasp

And another few weeks went by

girls the nurse called out, girls

was what I said before lights out

My young face fell into stupor

It was past the end of my 40th year

both wrists wrapped up from surgery

recovering so I could feel the babies who’s date was nearing

Classes were taken learning about birth

and how quickly it could be taken

struggling to get to the surface

of the ocean was my monentum

And my young face fell into tears

when two angels appeared

and they keep my youthful face from falling into stupor

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