Looking for meditation

So I was just thinking, damn I need a daily reader on meditation, but I don’t want some religious or recovery thing. I just want something daily to focus on. I get Seth Godin’s blog in my email daily, but for me that is not enough to sustain a thought throughout the day. Trust me is is great reading and if you are reading this then you should subscribe to that.

As I was crossing a river in my commuter train, I looked out and saw the sunrise. It dawned on me, hey Tim, you got this blog you started up. This is supposed to catch ideas before you go to sleep. Why do you have to wait till night, before you go to bed.

So today I’m going to think about my meditation and what motivates me. I’ll check back in later and see what I come up with. Feel free to join me.

So I was just reminded of the word of the day postings. I think I’ll use that unless I have other meditation items I want to focus on.

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