Word of the day Rowdy


So here goes. When I think of the word, I think of a crowd of people vs one person. These people act brave and tough and gregarious because they are in a group. Usually one person sets them off, there is drinking involved and if others complain it just fuels their fire and makes the issue worse.

I’m sure in my younger days I was rowdy at points. Not usually in a group due to the fact we moved around and I changed schools numerous times. I didn’t have the “crew” needed to pull this off. When I got to the Air Force, yes there was penile comparison, but nothing using came if it.

I’m not rowdy now, although many tshirts I have depict skulls and some people may mistake that for the potential to be rowdy.

I just look the word and people who embody the word as childish. They crave attention from people who could care less. They especially want attention and cause a reaction from those who refuse to buy into the bullshit.

Rowdy, yeah, not a feel good word, but it reminds me to make sure I’m more sensitive to the needs of others, it costs me nothing and generates goodwill.


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