Word of the day Quiet


Quiet means different things at different times of the day. At 0300 the only thing I heard today was my wife’s throaty snoring, all she heard was the voices in her dreams. At 0400 the coffee maker brings the promise of alertness and bitter energy. At 0500 the cars air conditioning waiting in the commuter lot breathes frigid relief from the gregarious humidity. 0800 finds the office still empty and the soft ticking of the clock reminds me that in order to live, I must toil in purgatory. 1800 resting on the couch focusing on the cartoon that my children are engrossed in, devoting time to the gods of entertainment. 1900 the girls thoughtfully chew their evening meal pondering the events of the day. 2000 they snore softly, letting me know it’s okay to turn down the music and leave the room. 2200, jazz on random soothes my brain and penetrates my mind to reset for 0400.

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