Word of the day Karoke


So in college and during my drinking days, I’d sing Prince’s song Kiss. I could hit the falsetto pretty well. There was this girl I was seeing in the loosest form of the word, she was a karoke junky and thought she had a voice. She “sang” songs that were actually spoken vs singing. She flirted with and had performed oral sex on most of the guys in the bar, as I found out later. So one night another female friend of mine and a friend of hers joined me onstage and grinded with me for the entire song and I got a standing ovation. Thus ticked off the first girl and she never asked me to come to karoke with her. I can probably count on one hand since that incident that I have gone and done karoke.

I think what I got out of Karoke was just letting it loose, not caring, belting out a song I loved.

I did at that time go to gay bars and sing chocolate salty balls. It was fun, I got free drinks and encouragement from folks to let my freak flag fly.

I think the last time I did Karoke was at my father’s 2nd wedding, he was singing some obscure Frank Sinatra song. We had buried my mother less than a year prior. It was uncomfortable because my older brothers were there and my girlfriend at the time was the only nonwhite person there and had told iff my oldest brother who in 3 years would be dead due to him being a drunk driver.

Karoke, too many memories, not able to do it now. Maybe when my kids don’t hate my singing.

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