Word of the day Countdown


I think of the 80’s hair band Europe when I hear this word. They had a song called the final count down. We

We face many count downs each day, the clock at work, the next paycheck the end of our lives. It has a negative connotation many times. I’m counting down the credit card balances, the days till my kids start school, the years till retirement. What are you counting down.

We can flip it and remind ourselves we have things to count down time, money and what not. It’s the things we cant count that give us the most anxiety.

As a creative I count down the time until the next podcast episode, the moments before an interview. I’m trying to make life more positive. Rather than focus on loss, I’m trying to focus on having something to count. It is tough with all the negativity we allow in our lives. Here is to counting up. Count the new friends you have made this year, count the new experiences you allowed yourself.

Counting down indicates an and, how about ending the negativity in your life.

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