Word of the day Agile


Multitasking isn’t agile. It is dividing your attention in too many directions. Being agile is being able to shift our focus, not being rooted to deeply in a task or idea. Folks at work wonder openly how I can answer rapid fire questions without breaking a sweat. Due to my brain issues I have to focus razor sharp on the question or inquiry and be able to move quickly to my mental folders to obtain a good answer.

Looming at my resume there has been some job hopping, but there also was a great deal of knowledge that I soaked up and when the time to make my move to something g better happened, I allowed myself not to become too attached to the people or organization. I’ve spent almost 5 years at where I work. That is an eternity for a Sagittarius like me. I’m used to moving on and always moving forward in the journey ahead. The last 5 years have taught me to keep a steady but not breakneck pace. Its taught me that taking a rest, making a name for myself, accomplishing some major goals is a good thing. I can revel in things I have accomplished.

Now it is time to move forward, my girls are going to school, my stepson has moved back in with us, my wife will find a job in a year. I don’t have to burn both ends at the same time, or, I can spend time doing more crafts, getting a legitimate education, try to make some solid friendships in this sea of shifting sands that is suburbia DC. We are all transplants and the natives hate us because we took the good paying jobs they were to lazy to prepare for.

The military taught me mobility, moving just about every year from the age of 12 to 40 taught me to pack light and pack only the most precious things. Being a Sagittarius makes me restless, but I’m learning g to enjoy stability, sameness, simplicity.

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