Word of the day : Book


Putting a book together and self publishing it is easy and is called Vanity publishing. I’m good with that. I like looking at the books ice written among the books I have read. For me, it legitimizes my life and I don’t hero worship as much as I used to. It’s not that I cant be a hero, I am in my daughters eyes and I am enough.

Books have always helped me escape the nightmare that reality can be. I read a ton of scifi in grade school through college. I didn’t have to admit I came from sick people, I could claim I came from the better part if my imagination.

I just talked with a good friend who said my life reads better than most NY times best sellers, and he is happy to play a role in that book. Day after day I add chapters and sections to this book.

Think about writing your story, I never met a person yet who didn’t have a good story or three to tell. I used to think I led a boring life until someone said to me, damn that’s is some fucked up shit. Find your fucked up shit, write it, maybe move past it or profit from it.

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