Word of the day adoration


What does it mean to adore someone, this word seems to me to be the act of adoring a person, object, idea what have you. But how do we adore someone. Is it a worship, is it shown through physical activity, or is it a biased feeling similar and in conjunction to love with less of the physical/carnal attachments.

I’ve heard it many times in movies and books, usually older works. It always seemed to me to be a replacement for love. The more I ponder on it the less it has to do with love and the more it has to do with worship. Worship in this sense not in a religious fashion, but with the same depth of feeling. Maybe a preoccupation with the person, object or idea. Yeah a preoccupation, I can go with that. Its letting that person know they are at the foremost of your thoughts. The whole What would Jesus do ir think about what I’m doing minus the religious aspect. I think more like oh its 2:30 in the afternoon and picturing my wife’s smile makes me happy and I now crave being with her while I’m at work.

What are your thoughts of adoration maybe I’m wrong. Dictionary definitions need not apply.

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