Word of the day Kindness


I’m teaching this to my daughters, but I’m learning it for myself. It pays to be kind to yourself. Forgive yourself for mistakes and if you fuck something up don’t sweat it, just fix it.

I’ve had a hard time learning that because I was brought up being told I was a spoiled selfish brat. If I needed to rest I was called lazy. Because of my upbringing I’m a ruthless critic, to the point that I may not start a project unless there is some reasonable expectation of success.

I’m learning that naps are good, that it is okay to lay back and enjoy a massage or being in the whirlpool at the gym and not working out. Eating right and moving makes me feel better. Forgetting the wrongs done unto me by others (making sure that I’m not in a place to get hurt in the same way again). I’m learning g that saying no can be a kind act for me. I’m not here to solve anyone’s problems but my own.

I want my girls to be kind and I want them to learn this now vs 4p years later. If they get the message great, I know I’ve done my best to teach them. If they get it later, that’s fine, but I won’t beat myself up over it. They will get the lesson when they are open to it and need it.

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