Word of the day Chip


Off the old block. Yeah that was my first thought. Chips, mmm crunchy, like Utz ( not a sponsor of this blog) or Delta Gold (best chip ever but discontinued) old salty’s and mrs Fischer’s. Maybe a computer chip that controls the phone I’m typing this on.

Yes to all of these, ( now watch , Google is watching and I’ll get ads for all these chips as well as intel) but I’d like to talk about the chips that make us who we are.

If a chip is a part of a whole then when we give a part of ourselves to someone else are we not giving them a chip of us. Conversely when someone does the same and we are open enough to receive what they gave, do we not accept that chip into our being.

I’m made up of the chips of others, and because of others I have sought out people to accept chips from. It adds dimension to our life. Now yes some chips are bad and some good. But it is almost impossible to immediately determine the merits. Even a 3rd party would have difficulties determining the value based judgement of good vs bad.

I’m not saying take a piece of everyone, some of the chips I’ve taken I’ve discarded. That is a skill you need to have, the ability to discard because we do lose something of ourselves when we do this. Losing a chip of yourself can be painful depending on how deep and ingrained that chip is.

Leave a comment below and let me know if this has been a chip in your life.

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