Word of the day Sanctify


This has always been a religious word for me. I’m not a fan if religion. As I grow on my journey, I don’t discount organized religion like I used to.

I never truly understood the word until I heard it in a Leonard Cohen song. In that song it seemed to me to mean cleaned spiritually. Having another entity remove all the crap that holds us down and being able to move to the next step. Now here I got religion bashing so stay with me. It seems that people in organized religion are always asking for this, but for me, one time should suffice. Removing the crap that has weighed you down, why would you add it back again. If I could drop everything that stalls my progress why allow it to have a foothold learn and move on. Maybe life isn’t that simple. For me I’d like some simplicity.

Be cleansed once, don’t step in the same shit.

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