Word of the day Wish


Yup birthday candles, penny over the shoulder into a fountain, I even did the repeating digit on a clock 10:10, 11:11, 12:12, and when I joined the military I got all the way up to 23:23 where I would make a wish.

So why do we wish? For better times or things? It can be kinda selfish. What is with the nit telling anyone? I’m learning to communicate my needs to others. My kids are learning to do that, so why stifle that communication. Are we trying to make a moment magical by saying oh you wished for X and magically you got that as a gift. Forget that, just hand over the gift and let me thank you.

Maybe I’m just too jaded, I just see the whole wish for a gift thing as manipulative. I’m probably reading to much into it. Give a gift that I asked for ir one you think I’d enjoy and I’ll show my appreciation. No need for a metaphysical thing to happen here.

Okay rant over. Wishes are not my cup of tea. They remind me if prayer and well I’m not a fan of religion. Asking your sky buddy for stuff like a clear conscious because you screw over other people is not cool.

I’m not a fan of wishes.

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