Word of the day Endless


This can be great, also intimidating. The questions my kids have never stop, but that is great because they are inquisitive, uts frustrating because I don’t always have the answers.

Pushing forward day to do seems like it will never stop but watching the news and seeing people die every day, I know life isn’t forever. Even life as we know it isn’t forever.

Procreation gives the false promise of being endless, eventually we will become extinct. There is something in us that thinks we deserve to be around forever. This just isn’t the case. Nietzsche talked about the Superman being the next phase of our evolution, perhaps the Superman to come is AI and algorithms. This evolution is natural and good. We gain knowledge every day and evolve from infants to adults, why not the next level. We are not endless, it is immature to think we are, what we create is not permanent. This should not cause sadness but should inspire us to make things better for those who come after. How are you making the world a better place.

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