Word of the day Hierarchy


We put things in order so that we can have order in our lives. Also it is easier to point the blame when things don’t go correctly and failure rears its bloated head. We want to be able to pass the buck and say “well my boss didn’t give me enough X in order to get the job done”. When we take responsibility for our actions and act like a boss, then others will notice. This is not to say risk everything and let the chips fall, it means act like you are in charge, you are the boss and the underling. Push yourself to ask the questions that your boss would ask before they ask it. Weigh the options and before you move forward let those in charge know you have truly weighed the options and you are treating whatever project/decision like your reputation depends on it, like you have skin in the game.

Hierarchy can be stifling and can choke off innovation unless shakeup happens occasionally in leadership. Juggle the bosses and see what happens.

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