Word of the day Flight


Being a USAF vet, c130 mechanic I’m naturally inclined to discuss flying. But today the other definition seems more appropriate.

Escaping, that is another definition of flight. We escape our feelings and anxieties. We want to move away from discomfort when some discomfort and stress are necessary. It helps us grow as individuals and builds character. A retreat ensures that we can regroup and fight another day. It is the result that matters. If we learn from our flight away from adversity, then we preserve ourselves. Our family and friends and clients need us, but they need us at our optimum, if they truly care about us then they will encourage us to regain our composure and help us fight another day. It’s a tactic that isnt sexy or manly or whatever you want to call it, but it is a wise tactic for our longevity. Taking care of our needs is strength, knowing when to fight and when not to is a skill we don’t educate ourselves on due to our ego. Know when it is worth it to get it all, you may fail, but don’t bet it all on a task that is a 100% fail outcome. Take your calculated risk and leave yourself an out if possible. Fight another day.

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