Word of the day Zone


When I thought about this word I was thinking boundaries and lanes on a highway like work zones. When I think of boundaries in terms of zones I thing of a Mad Max movie or a video game or a scifi horror movie about forbidden zones. We all have our own experiences with cheesy movies like that, I always thought it was a lazy way of naming something. These forbidden zones always had something the hero needed in order to prove their heroics to others. The villains always knew how to maneuver in these supposed zones, I wonder why. They were hiding knowledge from the people, whoops got a little preachy there. But really, these zones were hiding paradise or knowledge so that the villain wouldn’t have to share it with others. I’m finding people do that with the knowledge and bits of paradise they lick away behind that moniker, however, they usually call it their just deserts because they work hard.

Slow down in Construction zones you will save a life, maybe your own. I hate driving through them not because you have to drive slow, rather, I fear that the workers will trip and fall and land in front of me and I’ll crush them under my wheels. Drive cautiously folks, and workers please wear comfortable and sturdy shoes.

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