Word of the day Jock


So yeah its easy to think about the high school athlete, that person was playing a role in the microcosm of high school. I played a role as well, somewhere between the criminal and the psycho from Breakfast Club.

I have no idea what the jocks in my high school are doing today, I have 1 friend from high school I talk with on rare occasions.

I’d like to think the jocks had an exciting life, ir are still having one. None of them made it as a professional athlete that I am aware of, but then I’m not a professional tuba player, actor or lighting designer.

It seems to me they had a pack mentality that kept them close knit. The freaks have that mentality as well, however we are not as close knit because we dream of being loners and tragic heroes. Jocks dream of the world series or superbowl and leading a team.

I watch sports, mainly hockey and football, play hockey on my PS4. I can appreciate the competition these days and I envy the tight knit structure that keeps a team together.

I’m extending this to those with political and religious beliefs that I don’t share, well I’ve been doing that for years, but I wish I would have learned that lesson earlier in life.

Now go watch the Breakfast club. Be old with me.

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