Word of the day welcome


This feels good, it feels warm on a cold damp day. It is where you can leave the stress of the world outside, it will still be there for you when you come back outside.

Today, I didn’t feel welcome in my home. Everything was thrown at me as usual after working a full day and commuting for 2 hours. I wasn’t welcoming to my daughters, especially my oldest as she had a trying day in school. Because we were lax in preparing her for school and I mistakenly trusted a person who has proven time and time again as in she cannot be trusted, my daughter is playing catch up and it is frustrating.

Today I lost a battle, there will be other days like this, tomorrow we go back at it, the girls and I will thrive regardless of what their egg donor does or fails to do. One day the welcome mat will be spread and I will walk in the front door, be greated and be at ease.

Here is to tomorrow.

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